Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 'virtual trophy'?

A virtual trophy is an online, personalized graphic of a trophy that is stored at a unique, custom URL that we create for you. Our virtual trophies can be 'engraved' with your personalized message, emulating a traditional, physical trophy. At, you can create a virtual trophy for yourself or for someone else. You can brag about your own trophy or share a trophy you made for someone else by distributing the link to your trophy via email, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linked In, etc. Our Facebook and Twitter integrations make it even easier to share your trophies with friends with just a few clicks. You can post the trophy directly to your wall, or to the wall of your friends. Please visit the About Us page for different ideas on ways to use a Virtual Trophy!

Who can see my virtual trophy?

We offer public trophies that are viewable by anyone and will soon be launching private trophies. With private trophies, you will be able to limit sharing to the people you designate.

Can I change a trophy after it is engraved?

Unfortunately not. When the creator confirms the final trophy design and engraves it, the trophy cannot be further edited. You may, however, delete a trophy that you have made. Doing so will deactivate the unique URL where your trophy is located. Some settings, such as who can view the trophy, may be changed after the trophy is completed, but the trophy design itself is frozen.

Do you make traditional physical trophies or just virtual ones?

We focus only on creating online virtual trophies. We do not currently offer physical trophies. Please visit the About Us page for more information on why we think virtual trophies are a great alternative to traditional physical trophies!

I want a trophy design other than the ones you have. Could you create a new one for me?

We will do our best! Please visit the Contact Us page to let us know what type of designs you’d like to see. As long as the theme requested is not potentially offensive to others, and we think others might also be interested in the trophy design, we will do our best to create your design and make it available to everyone!