About VirtualTrophies

Our History

VirtualTrophies.com is the first and only website that allows you to design and engrave a 'virtual' trophy online and share it with your friends!

We are huge fantasy football addicts, so we created VirtualTrophies.com because we wanted a fun way to celebrate and memorialize our league championships. Years ago, we kicked it 'old school'... we had a real, physical trophy to celebrate our league winner. However, somewhere along the line, we lost our motivation to take our massive trophy to the local trophy shop to get it engraved, so that we could then ship it across the country to the new winner. Or, perhaps it was because we all got married and were no longer allowed to display it prominently on our mantel (although we would never admit to that)!

As we built VirtualTrophies.com, we saw the opportunity to expand the service to allow anyone to celebrate nearly anything with a large, colorful, personalized 'virtual trophy' online. We have tried to be broad in our trophy designs to help you celebrate just about any event or accomplishment - whether it is for a corporate employee of the month award or a fraternity beer pong tournament, we hope we have a trophy design that is appropriate for your needs. And if we don't - please let us know what themes you would like to see, and we'll do our best to create them!

Thanks for checking out VirtualTrophies.com!

Why create a 'virtual' trophy online with VirtualTrophies?

  • Nothing says "you rock!" like a giant virtual trophy!
  • Choose from among many free designs or upgrade to a premium design.
  • We offer a wide variety of creative and humorous designs, or submit a request for a new custom trophy design.
  • Create and share your trophy quickly and easily - it takes less than 3 minutes.
  • Delete your trophy at any time or make it 'private' and control who sees it.
  • It won't gather dust or clog up your mantel like a real trophy would!

Sample uses for your virtual trophy:

  • Celebrate a fantasy football league championship
  • Recognize an employee of the month
  • Reward a great report card
  • Send a special thank you
  • Funny contests ("best mustache" or "best costume")
  • Play a practical joke
  • ...or anything else you can think of!